A Feeling Unexpected Poem by Anubhav gupta

A Feeling Unexpected

Why I don't get to know
What relation we share,
Or why don't we show
Always our love and care.
Why the smallest things
Make us fight so much
Why just don't we show
The love hidden in our heart.

Accept me proudly
Or reject me truly.
Quit playing these games-
Tell me what you want really.
Don't make me hang like this,
Just tell me what you wish.
My love, my care
Or my hatred forever.
I am ready with both
For you are my dear.
Just tell me the truth-
For I wish you could.
The soft me or harsh
I am ready for all.

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Sonali Ganguly 08 April 2016

love itself is a great mystery. every why's doesn't carry answer? nicely expressed the frustration mixed with pain of a loving heart.

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Hira Ahsan 05 May 2014

good write..simple expression of mysterious uncertain thoughts..I wish u get out of the bothering mystery..with the solution you want! regards Hira Ahsan

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Jasbir Chatterjee 04 May 2014

I can understand how you feel...but there are certain things that always remain a mystery...that's where we poets get all our material from...

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Sonali Ganguly 08 April 2016

well said mam....

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