Anubhav gupta Poems

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A Feeling Unexpected

Why I don't get to know
What relation we share,
Or why don't we show
Always our love and care.

I Want You To Be Mine

I want you to be mine
baby all the time.
Yeah it's you
who is always on my mind.

I Am Nothing

She was sad, falling apart
Unrequited love broke her heart
Collecting her pieces,
I helped her, tried to bring her peace

Happy Birthday Sister

I can't make you cut the cake.
I don't have the champagne to shake.
Yet I have my wishes for you,
To make your life so full of glamorous hue.

A Lovely Teacher

So intriguing,
never seen a teacher like you
I thought teachers are harsh
but you changed my view

Lovely Mother

Yeah, she loves you,
Yeah, she cares for you,
Yeah, she stands by you,
Yeah she fights for you.

Me And You

Every single song I go on listening,
its just you who seems to be singing.
A magical breeze blowing all around,
'I Love YOU', I want to say it aloud.

The Breeze Beneath The Tree

I like the breeze beneath the tree,
when its hot like i am melting.
The breeze beneath the tree,
sets me free, and is quite sheltering.

Happy Birthday Lakka

Thanks for being with me,
In all gone years.
That's not only blood relation
That we share..

A Friend Snow-White

My sweet social media friend,
Although we met through world wide web.
I wish our friendship never tends to end,
Instead I wish to grow it stronger,

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