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Why I don't get to know
What relation we share,
Or why don't we show
Always our love and care.

I want you to be mine
baby all the time.
Yeah it's you
who is always on my mind.

She was sad, falling apart
Unrequited love broke her heart
Collecting her pieces,
I helped her, tried to bring her peace

I can't make you cut the cake.
I don't have the champagne to shake.
Yet I have my wishes for you,
To make your life so full of glamorous hue.

So intriguing,
never seen a teacher like you
I thought teachers are harsh
but you changed my view

Yeah, she loves you,
Yeah, she cares for you,
Yeah, she stands by you,
Yeah she fights for you.

Every single song I go on listening,
its just you who seems to be singing.
A magical breeze blowing all around,
'I Love YOU', I want to say it aloud.

I like the breeze beneath the tree,
when its hot like i am melting.
The breeze beneath the tree,
sets me free, and is quite sheltering.

Thanks for being with me,
In all gone years.
That's not only blood relation
That we share..

My sweet social media friend,
Although we met through world wide web.
I wish our friendship never tends to end,
Instead I wish to grow it stronger,


why some guys act worse than the swines.
They play fake, and wish to shine
I know we all wanna play like stud,
but that doesn't mean to play with hearts,


Love is my friend, an awesome game.
It involves a little give and take.
No much business, just needs truth
a trust, a care,

Leaving the world of dreams,
I have to come to reality.
Bringing the little changes,
I have to regain my personality.

A question in my mind,
It hurts harsher than the sword.
If there is something of his kind,
If anywhere there, exists the god?

Somewhere, I am lost
In my own chosen way.
I can never apologize,
For my cheapest step.


kind of confused, but I do survive,
sometimes I see no reason of my life.
But who damn cares?

Who are you, and where are you?
I dont know,
please give me a clue.
I am confused at times,

I want to feel u through my every breath,
but u don't let me do.
I want to sink in your soul,
but u don't let me do.


If u are a dream,
You are worth living.
If u are a gift,
You are worth keeping.

Why they say, tomorrow never comes?
tomorrow does come, it always comes,
Yeah it comes in some or other way.
Today is what, tomorrow of yesterday.

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I am a common human with common human faults. I like to pen down my emotions through my poems. I am carrying on with my studies, right now doing B.C.A. from Lovely Professional University. I have strong faith in Love. And really love to love others.)

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A Feeling Unexpected

Why I don't get to know
What relation we share,
Or why don't we show
Always our love and care.
Why the smallest things
Make us fight so much
Why just don't we show
The love hidden in our heart.

Accept me proudly
Or reject me truly.
Quit playing these games-
Tell me what you want really.
Don't make me hang like this,
Just tell me what you wish.
My love, my care
Or my hatred forever.
I am ready with both
For you are my dear.
Just tell me the truth-
For I wish you could.
The soft me or harsh
I am ready for all.

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