Happy Sixty Six Birthday! Poem by Roxanne Dubarry

Happy Sixty Six Birthday!

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On October 04,2020 I turned exactly sixty sixty years young.
And I am alive all because of the matchless grace of Jesus Christ,
God's only begotten Son. "There by the grace of God go I." My deceased mother, Eleanor May Dubarry used to say. Her earthly body may have died, but her spirit has never been more alive! "God is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living! " "Hallelujah to the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world! " She died on about June 4th,2007 shortly after she turned seventy nine years old on May 31,2007.
On June 16,2007 Faith Lutheran Church gave my mother a beautiful memorial service. It was to be the last time I ever saw any of them again. When my Aunt Donna Pennock died about December 23,2018, shortly afterwards I lost contact with her family.

If every day I am alive, I owe to the grace of Almighty God and everlasting Father? " Than it holds true that every year I am alive
by the grace of Jesus Christ whose precious blood takes away the sins of the world!

My friend Mary C took me both to IHop and Dennys. At IHop we shared my birthday blue berry sundae! Something we had never had before! It was the last day of the Everett's Farmer's Market and Mary got to say goodbye to her friends, and I did too. We ordered our one and only hotdog from our local hotdog bender! We went for a walk at the Everett Marina and saw two blue heron flying, and murder of crows headed towards Snohomish to rest for the night. "They usually leave Everett for Snohomish between 2 and 4 in the afternoon." Mary C. We saw some crows and seagulls fly close to Mary's car.

Around ll: 30 AM Laurie and Mary listened to an SGA meeting on Laurie's phone at my place. I wonder how many Christians are honorary SGA Bud dish members? Don't get me wrong, they have accepted the fact, I still intend to remain a Lutheran Christian until my dying day!

Our older sister, Lynn Ellen Dubarry, died August 17,2020 shortly before her sixty eighth birthday on August 25,2020. Her ceremony will be held at Prudy and Walters at Floral Hill on October 15,2020. Our brother Brian died December 23,1982 shortly after he turned twenty seven on October 30,1982. Our brother Dale is dying but he will not die with Hospice because he cannot afford it.

After he dies I will only have sibling left alive, our youngest brother Mark Allen Dubarry. And he will be returning to Utah from the prison where he will be released in 2021 hopefully.

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954
Roxy 1954/ October Country
October 06,2020

I was reflecting upon some of our deceased relatives and dying brother two days after I turned sixty six years young.
Roxanne Dubarry

Roxanne Dubarry

Seattle, Washington
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