Happy World Day For Wedding! Poem by Ramesh T A

Happy World Day For Wedding!

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Both love and friendship begin with natural affection that unites loving hearts ever;
Real friendship never thinks and decides but takes decision on the spot by love;
Due to love of friendship even one sacrifices life for the sake of loving friend;
Love gives incredible power to one once one is swayed by love once and for all;

Love of mother is great sacrifice from giving birth to her death in this world life;
Love of lovers leading to wedding is wonderful occasion in life sure for them;
If such a life manages all differences and mishaps well between them is great;
Wedded life of lovers till end surely makes all say that they are made of each other!

if love is real, there won't be divorces at all among lovers in the world sure ever;
World day for wedding has to be celebrated for all lovers to stick to wedded life;
They are fast and jump to any conclusion sans any thoughts and consideration;
But mature youths take time to decide about adverse decision to live life long in love!

Wedded life of love is a natural arrangement that has to be maintained ever;
Man and woman are natural pair needing to be cooperative in adjusting life themselves!

Wedded life of lovers is the best of all life in this world of Nature being the supreme ever!
Dr Dillip K Swain 13 February 2022

if love is real, there won't be divorces at all....this is true. A great nudge to all lovers of the world during the Valentine's week!

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Ramesh T A 13 February 2022

Love is always welcome everywhere! But should be true and lasting one, never a game to play and go! Thank you so much for your good comment, friend!

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Ramesh T A

Ramesh T A

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