Haters Hate An Ace Poem by Ronald Doku

Haters Hate An Ace

Rating: 5.0

My life is a like a race
Through a maze
Where I keep the pace
To avoid being in haze
But it is a sad case
When people wish I daze
And fall on my face
Because they are at the base
And can do nothing but gaze
But I always enter a new phase
With every hate phrase
That inspires me to raise
My game to a level worthy of praise
With no mistakes to erase
As I get to embrace
People impressed with my rise from grass to grace
That earns me a new space
A gap that these haters now try to chase
But all they do is rather faze
And blame it on their untied shoe lace
I got two pass them, its a brace
After they inspired me, they now follow my trace
To a place
Where all I do is blaze
They see my glory blossom like a flower in a vase
They try to break and graze
But beside me is a taser which i use to tase
All those who cannot accept I am simply an ace
And I never cease to amaze

Chitra - 27 July 2009

the last 2 lines are a testimony to your fine poetic skills i really enjoyed this wordy race, you truly are an ace!

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Siglinde Good 02 August 2009

The rhyming flows phenomenally. A fantastically confident poem that 'blossoms like a flower in a vase! ' You've struck the ace, I think!

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Obinna Eruchie 31 July 2009

How interesting, the piece was well emphasised.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 30 July 2009

Nice race of words, rhythm and rhyme. An enjoyable read.

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~ Jon London ~ 28 July 2009

Rhythm and Rhyme etched into every line...makes this piece an enjoyable find...nicely done Ron.....keep up the good work

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Jaye Jacobs 27 July 2009

wow. nice poem. i cant believe you founf that many words that rhyme.

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