Ronald Doku Poems

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Haters Hate An Ace

My life is a like a race
Through a maze
Where I keep the pace
To avoid being in haze

A Story Night

Twilight is here and the sun departs with calming beauty
Children bid it farewell with such joy and delight
That emit feelings of nostalgia from elderly onlookers
As their goodbye songs travel beyound the great lake

Robbery At The Bank Of My Heart

Hopes and dreams set ablaze
Feet treading down a path the mind fears
Thoughts cursed with images of the one the heart yearns
And memories that refuse to let bygones be bygones

Immortal Lines

Lines made immortal
Through the test of time
We only know how true
Untill trouble dines with us

The Day Nature Sang A Love Song

'Kokrookoo' was the rude awakening at dawn
From a strange rooster I never heard before
'Tweet Tweet' the little birds from outside chirped in
'Ooooo' I sighed, not another boring work day

Little Angel

Touching a cheek so soft and tender
A feeling of boundless joy captures me
My little sister is staring at me
And my heart is filled with warmth


Rose petal Rose Petal
You bloom bloom in the summer
Pretty red, pretty white
No matter your color

Confessions Before The 'I Do'

So many words i wanna say
Yet only few find its way out
Oh God its hard. Funny huh?
No, don't stop, keep smiling

The Love Stricken Undertaker

Making God's messengers appear ordinary
My beloved lady surpassed the beauty of angels
Like golden rays through snow-white clouds
Her beauty pierced through my heart

Sunset On The Beach

Sounds of the ocean sailing through the cold breeze
Peace in my soul as my eyes find coherence up in the sky
The grey smoke in the sky, now covers the great ancient fireball
With the sand as my bed, and palms as pillow

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