Little Angel Poem by Ronald Doku

Little Angel

Rating: 5.0

Touching a cheek so soft and tender
A feeling of boundless joy captures me
My little sister is staring at me
And my heart is filled with warmth

Out of her sleep, and straight to me
Tears flow down her cheeks
Only her brother's voice can clear
'Don't cry, Ellie, big brother will always be here'

With a smile so genuine
And a face so innocent
She stares at me
With those little eyes that could make me pluck stars out of the sky

My heart is glad, and my soul rejoices
I found my peace in the eyes of my sister
With a face so beautiful
I could swear she surpassed the beauty of angels

Out of my arms, she ran to play
So hard to imagine she would ever grow up and leave me
Call me selfish but what can I say
My little sister loves me and I love her too

Sally Carter 16 July 2009

This is absolutely delightful! I only wish either of my sons felt the same way about their little sister. Sigh...... Great stuff.

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Kristy Artmann 08 July 2009

This is so lovely! Your sister is so lucky to have such a sweet poem written about her.

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Candice George 22 June 2009

Awww this is such a sweet poem. It holds a lot of emotion. A little bit of criticism however, You still held me and my attention but the last stanza definitely did throw off the poem a bit.

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Shannon Davis 21 June 2009

Really good, deep meaning. but maybe 2 straight out an definatley too long.

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