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Have You Ever

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Have you ever felt life
Have you ever felt love
Leaking from your fingers
Out of the wrist you've cut
Have you ever known happiness
Only when you bleed
Have you ever seen a blinding light
And prayed that you were dead
Have you ever abandoned life
Because it abandoned you

Have you ever pressed a knife to your wrist
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Jon Alan 22 July 2008

There are more ways in Heaven and Earth, for Angels and Mortals, to inflict the final act, to sever the harshness of life in an instant, or for years on end. I have tried, in my own inimitable way, to both reap the immortal or face the shallow death over and over. I feel your pain, I know that shadow you cry out from. I am in that place as well, tortured yet oddly optimistic. This poem is epic in its revelation!

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Theany Ouy 11 October 2007

You're wrong when you said..'you don't know what it's like'. I know what it's like and i feel your every ways. Emotions can take over us, but we have to stay strong. Always. Love this piece.

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