Tatianna Rei Moonshadow Poems

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All The Drugs In This World

All The Drugs In This World
Won't bring back my past
I try every drug I can find
Hoping one high will last

A Love So Tragic

(pt 1)
We seem so indifferent
Like we just don't feel
We've got cuts on our hearts


I'll dance all night
I'll dance the pain away
I'll dance until the morning sun
Graces us with day

Green-Eyed Suicide

Green-Eyed Suicide
With life such a blur
Wrists scarred from back to front
This is the life for her

Some Day I Won'T Remember

Some Day I Won't Remember
How you smell or how you look
Some Day I Won't Remember
All the pieces of me you took

At Peace

That night I laid beside you
With one hand upon your heart
It beat ever so gently
As we laid there in the dark


Give me such Passion
That it knows no end
Let my heart grow wings
And take flight again

Mother Moon (Prayer)

Mother give me the strength to stand strong
Give me the courage to do whats right
Give me the life to live
And the wisdom to give good advice

Don'T Forget Me

I haven't seen you in so long
The memories are beginning to fade
I want to see you one last time
So I can memorize your face

Black Roses

I grow roses in a garden
The garden of my soul
The roses are all black
Fading and centuries old

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