He Is Too Sensitive

Imagine a world filled with animals.

A pig walks down the street.
I greet him and say, "You're a pig."
The pig whacks me in the face and walks away.

So!What do we learn from this situation?
The pig attacked me because he sensed injustice.
However, I only said, "You're a pig."
And he was a pig!
He had a pig's tail, he went "oink" and he even crawled in the mud.
Everything about him was as it stands: that is, he is a pig!
The poor little guy lived off the farm across the street from me.
Cows were mooing, chickens were clucking, and the pig was oinking.
What did I do wrong?
An animal like this should be arrested!
Keep in mind that I gave no criticism whatsoever.
Instead, the pig was just very sensitive over an imaginary crime.
My literal definition was taken as a metaphorical insult.
I mean, this pig didn't ask me for further comment!
A pig like this was absorbed with fashion, daydreams, prejudice, etc.
He used prejudice to assume the presence of mine.
No one accused me of prejudice against farm animals until then.
And, so, because of this case we need better communication skills.
"Body language" and tone of voice only indicate so much.
How could've I ever told him that he was a pig?
What if I was a pig?
But it doesn't matter if I'm a zebra, a cow, or a horse!
He punched me for me reminding him who he was.
Did he actually look in a mirror and accept that he was a pig?
Could he ever hope to be another farm animal?
This is very weird.

Friday, March 29, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: abuse,cows,dreaming,fable,farm,farmers,fashion,imaginings ,nature,abused