Five Liners 96-100 Poem by Indira Renganathan

Five Liners 96-100

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96 Prostration

A gesture with great reverence
To the supreme Being and to
Every being wherein He dwells
Prostration may be of different styles
But certainly to Him with great reverence

97 Prejudice

Where there is hatred there rises prejudice
Where there is jealousy there steps in prejudice
Prejudice between political parties creates social
Disunity and instability.Not good to practise is
'Preconception and prejudgement' so should avoid prejudice

98 Bees

Beautiful is bees' unity
Beautiful is their beehives
Beautiful is their alacrity
Beautiful is their honey for humanity
From the insect world only by bees'community

99 Park

Park is a place to while away time
Amid a tranquil breezy greenery around
Watching walking-jogging people
Chittering birds, playing children and
Lovely lovers with lights and founts all in rhyme

100 Surrender

Surrender is to surrender bad many
Routeless with embraced perplexity
Uncertain of what to do next best is
To fall unto His feet in surrender
Repenting all those bad many

Richard Wlodarski 11 August 2022

All 5 are so beautiully written. And are pearls of wisdom. Thanks so much, Poetess Indira!

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The greatness of prostration is not based on the body position, but on the surrendering mood of the soul. A five liner to bring out the depth of devotion

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Honey bees do a great service to human beings, praiseworthy and unprejudiced

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Nabakishore Dash 05 August 2022

all five liners are great messages from your pen Mam.

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Anil Kumar Panda 04 August 2022

Beautiful poems with great messages for us. Nice share.

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