A Better Idea Poem by Eric Cockrell

A Better Idea

Rating: 2.7

they want to
ban books, ban abortions
ban gay marriages
ban free thinking
and if they could
ban the poor!

i have a better idea!

why dont we
ban wars, ban prejudice
ban offshore drilling
ban the greedy
ban the judgemental
ban ignorance

and just for good measure
ban whaling around the world
for any reason!

Smoky Hoss 15 September 2011

I am no politician, and I only vote independent, but if you run for ANY office you'll surely have my vote.

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Patti Masterman 15 September 2011

And don't FORGET the politicians- they are high on the list of things need banning!

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Jinal Oswal 16 September 2011

Wow! ! you have placed the ideas wonderfully :)

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Unwritten Soul 22 September 2011

In other words you want to ban what they ban hahahaha.....i like the way you promote this but how can i vote for this idea...Hmmm so i vote here 10++ hahaha :) Unwritten Soul

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Sharron Stephenson 30 September 2011

this one is in my fav ones

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Soran M. H 29 December 2019

10++ for this great poem who express the anger of great poet about all BAN ssssss

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Sachidananda Panda 14 June 2019

Great.. precise and louder.. too loud a call to all ears. loved it.

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Cindy H 12 July 2016

Agreed. Ban the bad and rejoice in the good. There could be so many wonderful things in this world if we just stopped all the war, hate, greed etc.

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 13 May 2015

yes, why not ban bad things bad events bad situations there are a lot better things to be enjoyed and not banned

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Kaila George 26 May 2014

Agreed...ban what is not need in your list there, excellent vision.

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