He Wrote To His Girlfriend: Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

He Wrote To His Girlfriend:

Rating: 5.0

By Freeyad Ibrahim

He wrote to his girlfriend:
On the street where you live,
there are nine women
who are more beautiful than you.
And seven women are taller than you...
and nine women are shorter than you...
And another loves me more than you do...
And at work there is a woman who always smiles at me...something you don't do
And others are calling me to talk...
And the waitress in the restaurant puts honey
for me instead of sugar in tea...
And I love you....
For you are my sugar,
life is bitter without you

And after his marriage to her,
She bore his sickness, poverty, travels
and absence from her...
And endured with him all kinds of misery....
Sickness, calamity, wound, and injury
And she's on her death bed...
He said to her:
I didn't betray you even in memory!

Fryad Hugo

David Wood 11 November 2022

True love is the strongest force in the entire universe, even when you are apart. Great poem, top marks.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 11 November 2022

Happy due to what you have said, impressed that my words have impressed you

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Freeyad Ibrahim 11 November 2022

thst is life dear, sugar and bitter live side by side to make it taste moderate..glad to be read, happie due what yiunhave said,

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Freeyad Ibrahim 11 November 2022

Dear David...Tina...you see maybe Tina in this poem..right...there is always some differences between the two, but the main line remains the same

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