Gain Or Loss? Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

Gain Or Loss?

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by Freeyad Ibrahim

I do not look to the low lowly
For without low, there would be no high
or to the length of things or breadth
For the bodies are the least to count
from now on until they will die
Not important how big is the head
Is there in this head any kind of brain?
And what does this brain contain?
They say you know people at their tongue
Of at what they have to say
If some stupids don't open their mouths
You do not recognise the donkey
in the human's clothing
It may shout to draw attention or bray.
Look never lowly at the poor
He may be rich in the soul,
or would become it one day
Even if his house is made of clay
I don't look at the rich to envy him
I pity him instead
For no one rich has taken with him
The fruit of his Lifelong labour to the grave
Until he lived, he wished
To get his lost profits back
or his bad health to save
or his possessions to regain.
To add millions to his millions
He forgets that he has lost his health
which is in reality the hidden wealth
At the last breath he looks breathless
Just realizes he has spent his time in vain,
How he has sold his life to gain!

Don't insult the poor,
For you have to kneel down one day,
and the Time has lifted him
above your grandeur


Fryad Hugo

Sandra Feldman 25 October 2022

A very significant poetic great opus! Wonderful teachings and luminously written. A deep poetic and philosophical, true to life, masterpiece. Thank you!

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Freeyad Ibrahim 25 October 2022

...and encouraging...GREAT! !

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Freeyad Ibrahim 25 October 2022

your wonderful words I too much appreciate dear Sandra, your comment is both stimulating and

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Freeyad Ibrahim 25 October 2022

I appreciate your precious words very much dear Sandra. the description of my poem and calling it a masterpiece that is top quality comment which is both

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Kim Barney 24 October 2022

For what doth it profit a man if he should gain the whole world but lose his own soul?

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Freeyad Ibrahim 25 October 2022

Much pleased with your genius words..proud of you dear Kim

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Okim Otu 24 October 2022

The so call poor are actually the rich. Accumulation of wealth is not true riches.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 25 October 2022

I feel very happy by your encouraging words my dear Okim, confirming my attitude is a gentle look at my work, , thanks a lot

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