Her Reputation Poem by Randy McClave

Her Reputation

Remember when being called a slut wasn't a good thing
Committed women always wore a ring,
And when for sex unto a bed they were led or carried
They made sure that they were first married.
The obedient woman made sure that she wasn't ever called a whore
The way that slutty women were called once before,
She was going to please and be pleased by the very same man
That's her biblical oath, and her ultimate plan.
And before a piece of her clothing for any man she would shed
She would always make sure that first him and her did wed,
And only one man would ever see her in the nude
And only unto that one man would she ever be lewd.
Remember when a woman having a reputation was not good
She's becomes nothing more than a falsehood,
Other women will laugh and mock and look down upon her
While men will see her as cheap and easy and someone to end their burr.
Only one man should a woman ever tempt or tease
And only that same man, would she ever love and then please,
And only one man would she allow to remove her blouse
It would be the same man that she would call her his spouse.
A woman should always think first about her reputation
Even before she thinks about her own damnation,
So, before any woman should ever think or say, this or that or but
Remember this, it's not ever a good thing for being called a slut.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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