Him. Poem by Meli McCollum


He is golden,
he is a golden retriever,
but not a very excited, happy puppy,
but those adult-ish ones who smile at you so big,
you cant do anything but have your heart melt,
he is respectful,
even of the littlest things,
whenever I breathe heavily he notices,
whenever i space out he notices as well,
He is the favorite out of all my friends,
he bonds with my brother,
he shares my love of music,
and he makes music as well,
he makes them for games and i find myself nerdy for thinking how cool it is,
when he rambles about something he loves, its just, lovely,
he sounds like a little kid almost,
he is sweet,
he cares and always wishes he could do more,
he is very honest,
and i love him,
or maybe a very strong liking to him,
there is this thing he said that i cant get out of my head,
it was my party
he kept taking his glasses off,
or someone took them off,
id gently put them on and push them higher on his nose,
so it would sit right on his face,
I had his glasses on at one point in an arcade,
during the party,
and I was looking through his glasses at all the lights and bright colored games,
it looked just like when i would space out,
everything blurred and distorted but it seemed much more beautiful with all the colors,
I gently put them back on his face,
he looked at me when i did so and said,
'That's the nicest most gentle way i've ever had someone put my glasses on me'
and for some reason,
it stuck,
he thought i was gentle,
even though he said it multiple times,
putting on his glasses had just seemed like the nice thing to do,
but the last time he said it stuck the most,
I have seriously fell for him.

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