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A date,
I went on a date,
and could it have gone any better?
His face being illuminated by the sun,

Our love to me is like a dream,
It makes me feel so happy,
I feel so normal with you,
It feels as normal as breathing air,

You make me weak in the knees,
You make me feel like I am the only person on the earth,
You show me again and again that I'm the only one you want to love,


As of the time between our first date and now,
We have been on a number of dates between that time,
And every one seemed better than the last,
Us going to the pool,

We've danced before,
But only in my room,
With Mitski or Melanie Martinez playing,
Or the playlist we made for each other,

Thank you love,
For being my boyfriend,
For being there for me,
For trying your hardest,


I love being loved,
but I hate it if it doesn't fit under certain categories,
it'll make me squirm and feel uncomfortable,
and I'll too easily fall in love with the wrong people,


He is golden,
he is a golden retriever,
but not a very excited, happy puppy,
but those adult-ish ones who smile at you so big,

I cant sleep,
but i can always sleep,
sleep is never a problem,
in fact,

He told me he loved me,
I didn't know how to react,
I felt guilty for being happy,
smiling at my phone at his words,

He loves me,
He really truly loves me,
I was the one he picked,
My heart swells the more he says it,

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A date,
I went on a date,
and could it have gone any better?
His face being illuminated by the sun,
He looked like he was supposed to be in my dreams,
and not a reality,
He is such a gentleman using his coat so I could sit down,
It was raining so beautifully,
the sky was still so colorful,
the clouds seemed to be out of a painting,
Was I dreaming?
Is this all a hazy dream to soon wake up out of?
If so I wish to be in a coma for all my life,
I don't ever want to wake up,
We gotten picked up,
and I met his grandmother,
she was so sweet to me,
i was honestly shocked,
We got to the movies and he was so sweet,
Coincidentally there was nobody there,
making it so much more amazing,
we would talk,
i would explain things,
and my god being with him there made me more in love with him,
it really did,
at the end of the movie during the very end,
we were messing around and he ran and picked me up,
Holding me up so I could have my shadow on the screen,
he is a dream,
He is my nick and i'm charlie,
He is abelard and I'm lily,
and my god I now understand why people drop everything for love,
because i know if he asked me to pack my bags and leave with him,
to run away,
somewhere that was not planned,
i would ask him what time we are leaving.

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A tip for anyone who actually reads my poems the "I love you" one is supposed to be in between "love" and "I am loved" that is the order the time line is if anyone is confused! !

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