David Harris

Gold Star - 4,611 Points (18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

Hokum Smokum 3 (Fun Poem 141) - Poem by David Harris

A few years ago to America
Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf went
to live with a Native American Apache tribe.
It was only for two weeks,
but the tribe he was staying with
adopted him after he completed a couple of tasks.

First he had to ride a horse;
However, he was not allowed a bridle or a saddle
which he had become accustomed to.
His first attempts to mount it
left him lying under the horse,
first at the back end and then at the head end
which made the horse looked around and laugh.

His next attempt left him under the middle of the horse.
This time everyone laughed along with the horse.
Not to be defeated he tried again and succeeded,
but looking at the rear end.
Suddenly the horse took off
with Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf riding backwards
holding on to the horse's tail around the reservation
until the horse stopped for a drink.

Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf quickly
turned around the right way
and rode the horse slowly back.
Luckily the horse knew the way
because Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf didn't.
On his second task he was to collect an Eagle's feather
from some far off cliffs where the eagles nest.
He would have to run there, collect a feather and run back.

He started out at dawn and ran as fast as he could
and by noon he reached the cliffs.
High above he could see the mighty eagle soar.
How was he going to climb the rock face?
As he pondered his options a voice startled him.
Turning he was surprised to see
The Orinoco Kid, the cowboy Womble.

"What you need Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf
is a very long lariat you can throw over a large rock,
and then you can pull yourself up."
"Where can I get one of those? " Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf asked.
"I have one back home; I'll fetch it for you."
The Orinoco Kid said dashed off.
An hour passed before The Orinoco Kid returned.
The kid twirled the rope over his head
and then tossed it high over a large rock.

Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf thanked him
and then began to scale the cliff.
He huffed and puffed as he climbed higher and higher.
The soaring eagle spotted him and dived down
towards Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf
and perched a few feet above him as he climbed.
The eagle looked at this human climbing towards its nest.

"Hey buster, " the eagle shouted. "Just what do you think you are doing? "
"Trying to get an eagle's feather, " Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf replied.
"What do you want that for? "
"So I can be adopted by the tribe."
The eagle looked at him
and then commenced to pull out one of his feathers.
He then dropped it down to Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf.
"There is your feather
and now you can get out of here and leave me alone.

Sugar Puff Wombling Wolf
thanked the eagle, caught the feather.
He then climbed down faster than he had climbed up.
Once down he sat and looked around.
He felt exhausted and rested
while watching the eagle again soar in the sky.
Clutching the feather tightly
he started running back towards the reservation.
Slowly the day disappeared,
but he kept running through the night.
Finally as the sun began rising,
reaching the reservation he went straight to bed.
The next day they adopted him into the tribe.

Returning from America he went to Deadwood
to tell all of his friends about his adventures
including the party
in which he drank too much fire water
and had to be locked up
in case he went on the war path.

14 February 2013

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