Back Roads Of My Mind Poem by David Harris

Back Roads Of My Mind

Rating: 5.0

Your memories fill each waking hour
You face fills each and every thought
Of the times we had together
That surface from the back roads of my mind

I remember the fields of bluebells
Where we used to walk hand in hand
The trees we used to lean upon
While we rested for a while

All these things and more linger for eternity
And you will find them
Written with a special love
On the back road of my mind

They were written with love’s pen
And if you look close into my eyes
You will see them there all the time
Written on the backs roads of my mind

Your memories are anchored there
Never straying away
Resting with love forever
On the back roads of my mind

31 March 2007

Andrew mark Wilkinson 01 April 2007

A poem of sweet loving memories... David so very well done my friend...10

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Marci Made 01 April 2007

Breath taking beautiful~~~~your memories so eloquently expressed~~~~~~~memories, the things that NO ONE can ever take away from us! ~~~~thanks for sharing yours David~~~~~~~marci. :) xo

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D, thank you for pointing this out to me. Yes, it is beautiful. The road analogy works well, in both ways (the mental mapping and the physical adventure) . Finely composed, masterfully controlled pen. t x

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Lisa Wilkinson 03 April 2007

Hia David. Im online from Derby. Thought I would look you up again. I love the style of this poem, the contect and especially the repetition of that one phrase. Its a powerful phrase.Well done.Lisa

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Pam Thomas 04 April 2007

Oh David, what a wonderfully written poem. You have expressed so well the memories that sustain us all through this life. I love it! Big 10 from me my friend across the sea. Thanks for sharing. XOXO Pam

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Original Unknown Girl 23 July 2007

David, this is so very beautiful, I can see why you thought I would like it. It has the bluebells and the trees in there, of course the parts that got me weren't the stunning scenery but the emotion and the sentiments conveyed throughout. Brought a little tear to my eye yet I enjoyed reading it immensely. HG: -) p.s can't find the 'All roads lead to you'..... am I blind? ?

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... Sheila 03 May 2007

I love how you defined those old storehouses we keep in our heads as 'the back roads of our minds'. What a cool way of putting it. I adored this piece, as it made me take a little walk down the 'back roads' of my own mind. Thanks for the wonderful poem!

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 23 April 2007

My goodness this is a Great poem that is very beautiful and well written.I especially love how you kept ending each verse with your title..'Back Roads of my mind'! ...Perfect title and just a heartfelt read from beginning to end! Thank you David so much for sharing.You are a terrific poet indeed...and once again in this one you have showed it! ((Smile)) Top of the line 10 out of 10. =Shelley=

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Jim Foulk 14 April 2007

a fine piece of well put together poetry david

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Melvina Germain 13 April 2007

I agree with Theo, you have a remarkable way of expressing yourself, I love the title of this one David. Excellent poem David---Melvina---

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