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Holocaust Latvia Begins - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Holocaust Latvia begins
on June 22,1941 when
the German army invaded
the Russian Soviet Union;

and the Baltic States
of Lithuania, Latvia,
and Estonia which had
by Soviet military forces;

recently been occupied
after a proud period
of independence after
World War One finished.

Murders of Jews
Communists began
almost immediately
by Einsatzgruppen;

perpetrated by German
killer squads known
as Special Task Groups
Special Assignment Groups;

the German Security Police
Sicherheitspolizei or Sipo
the Security Service of the SS
the Sicherheitsdienst or SD.

The first recorded murders
were on the day after invasion
on the night of June 23,1941
in town of Grobina near Liepāja;

six Jews were killed
in the church cemetery
by Sonderkommando
1a members deployed;

with the 14th Army
Nazi German
were a sub-group;

of five Einsatzgruppen
mobile killing squads
up to 3,000 men each
composed of 500 to 1000;

officials of dread SS
Schutzstaffel (SS)
and Gestapo thugs
their vile missions;

the annihilation of Jews
Gypsies Soviet political
Commissars to kill Jews
all Polish intellectuals;

Romani, communists
NKVD collaborators
in captured territories
behind the advancing;

German front lines
Nazi occupiers
were also aided
by a unit of native;

Latvians known
as Arājs Commando
Latvian auxiliary police
Wehrmacht commanders;

bolstered the strength
of the Einsatzgruppen
with regular-army troops
whenever required.

Latvia July 29,1941
forty mental patients
from Lódz in Poland
are taken from hospital;

executed in nearby forest
July 31,1941 Hermann
Göring instructs SS Reich
Security Service chief;

Reinhard Heydrich
to evacuate eliminate
all European Jews
in German-held territory;

Göring's letter mentions
'complete solution'
to European Jewry
Jews purified in death;

July 1941 Germans
establish a Jewish
ghetto at Dvinsk Latvia
July-August 1941;

Jews are murdered
by the tens of thousands
throughout western
Soviet Union Lithuania;

Romania and Latvia
who are the murders?
German Einsatzgruppen
Romanian troops militia;

Ukrainian peasants
Lithuanian civilians
August 1941 German
slaughter of Jews;

at Cesis Latvia
is celebrated
by German troops
security police;

celebrate with
a Totenmahl
'death banquet'
August 1941;

in Belgium

Legion Wallonie
Wallonian Legion
is established
September 29-30 1941;

Babi Yar Kiev
Soviet Ukraine
33,771 Jews
killed in two days;

by SS and German
police units
November 30 and
December 8 1941;

at Rumbula forest
near Riga Latvia
25,000 Jews
killed in two days;

will murder
over one million
people in occupied;

territories the first
Nazi organized
policy mass killing
of European Jews.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
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