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Home Waters

Rating: 3.5

As soon as I step upon the deck
Of any boat or ship afloat
I feel at home and ready to roam
The ocean wide come wind or tide,
Cast off the ropes, sky-high my hopes
And full of joy like some young boy.
So come with me, let’s put to sea,
Shrug off the years, forget our fears,
Together sail through storm and gale
Hand in hand and far from land

Yet safe and sound—not homeward bound
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Phillip Whiteman 21 October 2005

i like it, i miss home. from portsmouth and living in LA 4 now....mmm

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Ernestine Northover 03 October 2005

Now this is something else! What a wonderful way you have with the double rhyming thing, Very clever indeed. I really did enjoy this one immensely Sincerely Ernestine

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Kavya Murthy 03 October 2005

like ulysses? so nice :)

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Raynette Eitel 19 September 2005

This is nice, Peter. I like the rhymes within each line...and the message. I'm ready to get on a ship and sail away. This poem is compelling, along with the pull of the sea. Raynette

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Alessandra Liverani 19 September 2005

I like your poem but you obviously don't suffer from sea sickness.

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