2005 Poem by Pete Crowther


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Goodbye Two Thousand and Four,
Bombs, disaster and war.

Welcome 2005,
Grant love and peace shall thrive.

Herbert Nehrlich1 01 January 2005

Happy New Year to you. May your optimism become contagious. H

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Janet Mary Zylstra 01 January 2005

Wishing you a 2005 full of love and peace. Thanks for a beautiful poem.

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Amberlee Carter 12 January 2005

amen to that....to quote one of my fave bands ' counting crows' ' long december and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last'

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Kelly marie Berry 03 March 2006

you are a dreamer but i tell you what it did not happen really did it but maybe this year.kelly

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Setareh Ghanooni 06 December 2005

how can you be so certain about something so uncertain?

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Lynn Cowman 13 June 2005

Oh I Do Hope So.... That Would Be great If This Happened, Good Neat Write, Short and To The Point, Nicely Penned! Lynn ~

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Philippa Lane 18 March 2005

I loved this! You captured the time so perfectly. Its brevity makes it such a remarkable little poem.

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dissatified exmember 15 January 2005

Another Year another reason to count our blessing and another reason to try harder this year to achieve our goals. Welcome 2005

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