Which Way? Poem by Jo Elliott

Which Way?

Rating: 4.5

Your fate is at a crossroads,
which way you go is for you to decide
and all you have to help you
are your instincts as a guide.

Can you trust these feelings
and make the correct choice?
Or is it that you give in to
the nagging,
doubting voice?

It doesn't really matter
if your choice is right or wrong,
you'll find yourself back on your path
the pull to there is strong.

If you choose the right way
the journey is smooth and straight,
a diversion may bring mishaps
yet still the lesson's great.

If we're here to learn a certain way
and different comes along,
whatever it is we learn instead
will equally make us strong.

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 21 January 2023

journey of learning is not be ended; cradel to grave is the way of learning; son need to learn the life and need to justify the true way

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Jayne Louise Davies 21 January 2023

Really like this! Thank you for sharing x

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Good poem. Provoking thoughts. Four stars

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" which way you go is for you to decide "… true. We need to learn to take decisions and own up the responsibility of the consequences without complaint. Because no path is strewn with only flowers. Every path has both flowers and thorns..we need to learn to live our life.

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