House Of Pain: Do Not Enter Poem by Darrin McMiller Jr.

House Of Pain: Do Not Enter

Inspired by someone I love, who didn't love me...

Love sickness,
And the depths thereof is an endless vault
A vacuum feeding on the crumbs of existence

Wherein my heart is a hidden chamber,
And the more pain and suffering I have
The more rooms I create

To keep pain out of sight,
Suffering below the surface
Until I’m in a labyrinth of doors
A kaleidoscope of cages,

In a mansion,
Alone in a lobby in horrific amazement
A million and one rooms
I dare not enter


Aastha Uppal 06 July 2010

well some people call it the face of true love.. loving a person but not being loved back but seriously its very difficult to cope up with stuff like that and this work of urs truly says it all... but only the brave and courageous and strong at heart can really pass this phase.. one of lifes tests and being a part of it is only for the privileged ones.. positive way to look at it.. what say.. great and excellent work! ! ! ! !

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Skye Figueroa 15 June 2010

Darrin im in love with your poetry sorry that you have to suffer sometimes to come up with great stuff but that's just life, right?

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Skye Figueroa 15 June 2010

this is just... im speechless.

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