After The Smoke Clears Poem by Darrin McMiller Jr.

After The Smoke Clears

After the smoke clears
We gone burn it up some more
We gone drench gasoline with burning gasoline
And aint gone leave until the smoke fills
And lays a second layer of smog upon our lungs
Until the brightest day becomes the darkest night
And the fire illuminates the dark in us
And we gone bring it all to light

Get the lighters, Get the torches,
Ignite the sparks, set the rivers and the lakes on fire
No survivors let the sky rain flames,
But for humanity's sake hold the hail

Let’s all get submerged until
Our skin and our flesh and our bones
Burns and boils away like molasses
Let’s get swept into the whirlwinds and the tsunamis
Of burning brooding blood until our veins
Can be seen from a million miles away

We will never go away
We will never stop
Never stop burning
And it's never enough
Or never too much

Today's the day
The world's reduced to embers
And the ember covers our eyes
And the embers cover all that our eyes can see
And the blazing haze blinds us, but
After the smoke clears

(March 25,2009)

Rebecca Paul 09 June 2010

oh my, god. that was amazing. it was...truly poetic and chaotic and stiffling. a little shocking to think of such brutal happenings, but truly beautiful.

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Issam Hal 07 July 2010

oh it's so beautiful and more, i liked all the words u used and all the fire u burn tnx

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Brandon Owens 21 June 2010

I really like the piece as a whole, very well written, but I have one suggestion, and that's to change gone to gonna. I don't if that's the way you meant for it to be read, but you've already got slang in there, so I figure it would help the flow.

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Annie Girl 21 June 2010

really cool.... i instantly pictured it in my mind nice work

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Skye Figueroa 15 June 2010

I like the way that you can illustrate an image on the reader's mind :)

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Blueberry Ali 10 June 2010

HOT hot hot well done wow... We gone burn it up some more love dat line xx

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