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~how Do I Continue? ~

My every muscle hurts.
I fight my eyes for sight.
It seems my day just starts...I blink
and once again it's night.

Just let me please lie down my head.
I must just be too weak.
How can I accomplish all I must
when a nap is all I seek?

I burn the proverbial candle
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I know just how you feel Mary, I felt like this yesterday and had to flop onto my bed and say enough is enough - exhaustion had set in. Phew! ! ! ! ! I feel the muscles too, and that's from pushings a wheelchair. Yeeps! ! ! ! Superwoman, that's us. Love Ernestine XXX

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Lylyanna Pilewski 29 May 2006

oh my god I've felt like that alot this year it's ok I know you'll get through it everyone gets in slums but you'll be out of it before you even know it. Great poem. Lylyanna

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Sometimes I take power naps in my car on my lunch break....sometimes that's all the time I have. Take an hour that's just for you, Girl....and then take one that's just for you and Todd.

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Dee Daffodil 29 May 2006

Mary, Mary, why so weary? ? Hope you get some well deserved rest, soon. Hugs, Dee

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***** ********* 29 May 2006

I know this feeling far too well Mary, you are recovering, you must rest and tomorrow light will give you back your sight. Time for bed lady! Goodnight and sweet dreams, Tai

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