How To Write Doggerel Like Robert Frost Poem by Richard Ponsonby

How To Write Doggerel Like Robert Frost

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Short Tutorial on Writing a Robert Frost Mastepiece
For the first three stanzas use a rhyming scheme of aaba, then the last stanza bbbb: now choose a mundane topic but being an egomaniac, pump it up to seem important. Like this:
I wandered by a shop's bright window
I saw a person I think I know
It was me, in the reflection clear
What a clever person it did show.

The shopkeeper did see me leer,
As I adored my image there
Reflecting like a modern bard
He must have marvelled to see me here.

My sciatica began to ache
So it was time for me a move to make
I shuffled by like a gimp with a limp
To leave admirers in my wake.

With my inheritance, no need to work
So I shared my gifts, no time to shirk
Mine was such a prestigious lurk
Very few knew, I was a jerk

Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Chinedu Dike 24 January 2022

Well conceived and nicely put together, a beautiful piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched...

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Oddly funny.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 January 2022

Aptly worded and intelligently put, I have enjoyed very much,5 Stars for this Member Poem Of The Day

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Rajendran Muthiah 11 May 2020

The poet sees the known person / his reflection in the mirror of a shop. My doubt is, " Is he the same person who played games with girls in Fijee islands? "

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Richard Ponsonby 18 May 2020

No, I see " worlds in a grain of sand, and hold infinity in the palm of my hand."

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