*human Tragedy Poem by Abdul Wahab

*human Tragedy

Rating: 2.9

I have a fortunate fate that there is no
living being yet on the other planet
otherwise I would have been too assertive
and my candy- love would have started to
compare to divide, milk of kindness for
the humanity and skulduggery red eyes with
face skulky for the alien as of now I divide
like television, black and white, still
my complexes often run and rise above
over the dyke, and dressed adroitly with
overwhelming ‘isms ‘ and sex exploitation,
still I am happy I do not have species like
animals or plants but have nations,
barb boundaries, in dream I want to cross,
but in reality I adhere to the rules to emit,
let loose like hot lava to hate and keep prejudice,
milk of mother is my tongue, surely sour and
spoiled one of others, your beard is sign of wisdom
and mine is a symbol for fanaticism,
your fountain mind oozing some evergreen
fresh thoughts mine is rotten one!
Still my loopy - love flows to divide in another name
and engage to defame the same,
the narrowness gets more wider
when I divide my own home as hate is more
favourable love than love to hate I would have
been more blessed if not born as human being,
I would not have to struggle to avoid the scorn
of narrow love even the light of the sun reflects over me
to burn and over you to warm even the rain conceal my tears,
water ignites my fire inside that wind blows
to soothe the blessed storming my soul and mind,
the nostalgic past is not a good memory too,
no change I see, tomorrow will be like of today
that will be immediately yesterday to haunt me,
peace is only, I find, when I play with my monkey ….


Expressive and elusive of nothing vital, this poem has the potential to be your masterpiece of all contributions over here. Attention to be paid to the capital letters where ever necessary and punctuation marks of proper need might have added a little more beauty to these lines.

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