Humanity Poem by PRAVEEN KUMAR English Poems


Why make this world
A graveyard
Of dust, smoke and dying fires,
Of hunger and oppressive sufferings?
All is aplenty to feed all here;
Then, why this greed to apportion all
And bum alive in the pain of living,
The unfortunate souls:
Brothers, sisters, babies and neighbours,
Who too have blood as thick as all.

A farthing hole can sink a gigantic ship,
A spark can set a house on fire;
The pain and grief of a hapless soul
Can wash this earth with a sea of blood.

Open your heart, open your eyes,
An innocent child in cadaverous frame
Cries for food on the roadside:
A hapless mother
Offers her to greed
To save her child from the hunger's death;
No roof to hide, no cloth to cover,
No fire in heart to save honour;
Dirt and filth, sickness everywhere,
Dirt and filth, sickness everywhere,
Night is cold, day is hot,
All pain is suppressed in cheap liquors;
No job to work, no food to eat
While earful cries of hungry lads
In dirty shreds of torn rags
Shake the souls; No future ahead,
But unending hunger and failing hopes;
Why this curse on some of us?
Why this farce on humanity?

Demons eat the mankind
By rich and poor's cruel divide,
Satan enthrones on the divided earth
And rains the fires of hunger and death.

Gloom of pain pervades somewhere,
Sunshine of joy filters otherwhere,
How to build a bridge between?
Pain is pain for rich and poor,
Hunger burns inside all,
Comfort and ease are needs all seek;
Why one, in north and the other, in south?
Why both never meet and share all they have?
Awaken conscience,
Feel the lifeless life of numberless souls
That tear the peace of sensitive hearts
And revolt against the unjust god.

Let all live without pain,
Let a new peaceful age dawn,
No hunger, grief, unfulfilled needs,
Nor sickening pelf may ever it reach.

Thursday, March 11, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: humanity
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