Humour The Pirate (Courtesy Captain Currrrrr) Poem by me poet yeps poet

Humour The Pirate (Courtesy Captain Currrrrr)

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Excellent Captain
1600 born you are
likely death
all know now
only after the occurrence
will announce

ere upon me you suddenly
most naturally pounce

I let ye savour the wine
which has to yet
change form
off the vine
when she says
''be mine
unbottle me''

feel her under
as does you Divine
for the next few centuries
love labour at all ports refine
drinking all kinds of different wine
preferably Red
as is LOVE OF mine

Go another bottle find
one you may still have in your mind

'tis 2018 now
you must be just 'still'
a kid searching
a DELICIOUS bottle

HOPE you do
another one find
have you one
already in mind
let's know
your latest kind

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love and dreams,man,poem,readiness,sexy,wine,woman
Captain Cur 09 August 2018

Your poem does the Captain great honor! A magical, majestic write! When I find that bottle I will share that red, red wine with me poets yeps poet.

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Captain Cur 09 August 2018

Beauty, beauty bold, that ship known as the Malevolent canons blazing in a fight English powder flashed all night. My crew fought hard, died as brave now the sea their makeshift grave at the end time, that new dawn they will rise, both wise and strong. When they died they saw a light whale oil lanterns burning bright made their way to that old wreck repaired her mast, repaired her deck christened her with a new name the Black Stallion on the waves!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 27 July 2018

For the next few centuries love will definitely rule the kingdom. Finding new love will definitely motivates mind. An amazing sharing is done here...10

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 27 July 2018

one day when I fly away you will forever in my mind will stay You r my POETIC LORD SIR KM Love is the only balm one must distribute freely

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