Paul Amrod

Gold Star - 14,090 Points (May 17th,1951 / Chateaugay, New York)

Hymn To Our Seven Seas - Poem by Paul Amrod

Have you seen majestic giant whales spring?
Have you seen dolphins dancing
and the fish that mornings take wing
like a flash so enhancing?
See all the creatures of our deep ocean.
All there to teach us of beauty in motion
As we do wonder like a deep sea diver
Such consuming colors will guide us
Hoping Neptune will stand beside us.
Save this kingdom of lasting freedom
It will sweeten every breath and deepen
our earthly treasure with good measure.
Save these waters
for our sons and daughters.
Have you seen the tropic fish of angels?
Drifting through breathtaking coral reefs
See all the flowers within this ocean
As we are swimming believing
the hour comes for emotion!
Embarking on a maiden voyage
wishing to communicate, receiving
the expressiveness of companionship.
Looking into the eyes of a penguin
Feeling its pining and an utmost caution
as its habitat melts in winter.
Helplessly floundering in mystic circles
falling dizzily in a mermaid's arms.
Giving it solace as all burns to cinders.
Hauntingly hoping is the distant hymn
spinning counterpoint as we encircle
the distant cry of the whale as he softens
the painful memory of the phase we enter.
The free release of his melody brings fellowship
to interact commencing heartfelt compassion
and deeper conscious to reenact our souls within.
We implore ourselves to think in leisure
to beseech mankind to save marine life from harm.
Becoming aware of this needless destruction
while pleading to render their lives secure.
Save this kingdom of lasting freedom
It will sweeten every breath and deepen
our earthly treasure with good measure.
Save these waters
for our sons and daughters.
Hand in hand snorkeling in the port of Aqaba
watching a schoolof gorgeous sea urchins
swimming through an unassuming water tortoise
in a buoyant and blissful harmonious perfection.
Awaken to Mother Nature's cantata
and let it be the inspirational stimulus
for all of Poseidon's meandering virgins'
interplay with a congenial introspection.
Experiencing the intricate sonata
of the network of our cetacean culture
revering their knowledge and purpose.
Affinity is found with aspiring wishes to nurture
and acknowledge these underwater beings so beauteous.
Then we will pledge a God-given mission with a resurgence
of sensitivity as we underscore a colossal petition.
Save this kingdom of lasting freedom
It will sweeten every breath and deepen
our earthly treasure with good measure.
Save these waters
for our sons and daughters.

Topic(s) of this poem: nature

Form: Hymn

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem was composed to build an awareness of the necessity of saving our seas from the perils of modern mankind. Such a Paradise is unfortunately disrespected and in dire need of replenishment. I am a flower child that has always loved the approach and message of the illustrious saxophonist and composer Paul Winter and his interplay with music and the whale's wonderful voice. I dedicate this poem to Paul and his music. I also carry the hope that our waters return to their inherit origins. I wish all mankind the pleasure of the coral riffs.

Comments about Hymn To Our Seven Seas by Paul Amrod

  • Daniel Brick (1/25/2016 10:10:00 PM)

    This poem, aptly called HYMN, is much bigger than my ability to encompass it, but I'm still going to try. PAUL WINTER! He brought his ensemble to the Twin Cities in the 1980s to perform their MISSA GAIA. I was only 10 lines into your poem when I heard his sax in my memory, got my copy of the cd and put it on. When I read your notes about Paul Winter it was like homecoming. There are three themes you repeat: 1) Our planet's seas make up A KINGDOM OF FREEDOM, whose lasting value can only be affirmed not measured,2) Saving the seas is a human task, it depends upon us, we are the terrestrial gods that will save them, just as Vishnu's avatars were mortals born to save the world from vicious demons and Jesus was mortal-born to redeem it from evil. All we humans of today have to do is save the seas from ourselves. Remember Pogo's statement from the 1960s - We have met the enemy and he is us.3) We do this act of rescue, then preservation for our daughters and sons.
    If your Hymn had just asserted these moral goals it would have fulfilled itself as poetry, but the lyric voice in you did more, much more, to persuade us the cause is worthy. Because D-U-T-Y unadorned with beauty and desire is a Puritan gambit; we humans are creatures of the earth, and that as you affirm in the poem is a kingdom of freedom. And the best consequences of freedom are inspired by desire and beauty. Your poem opens with three images of sea creatures indulging in freedom, beauty and desire. Of course, those words are projections of the human mind onto nature. But they are the way we comprehend reality, and measure our moral response. Whales don't have to be convinced of their rightness of being; fish don't have to look into a mirror to know they're beautiful;
    the waters don't need an inner compulsion of desire to the good. Our ancestors saw such human attributes as desire, conscience, reason as divine gifts that raise above animals and nature. Now we have philosophers and visionaries who see such attributes as compensation for our human short comings. Animals are one with nature; human beings are separated from it. Animals live at home in the world; humans are on pilgrimage to reach that home before we die. Your HYMN is a NECESSARY POEM that marks the path and makes the journey one of celebration. This isn't a duty, it is the highest, most complete pleasure our freedom can grasp! !
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    Paul Amrod (1/26/2016 6:18:00 AM)

    Hi Daniel, I was in the states before I met Paul Winter on the way to Zurich to play for the Business Bosses of Davos Switzerland. He therefore inspired this piece. I twas a very magical meeting because we had met in our life the Procol Harum. He is now on vacation and I sent him the poem. Your wonderful comments accent the points I am trying to make. The freedom for us is there to grasp! I played a few concerts in Woodstock and met my aging Mom and Aunt. My cousin and I brought the two sisters together. I have now returned to Constance, Germany and composed this poem. My perfect world would be somewhere back in the sixties with you commenting on all my poetry and placing it on the market for the metaphysics. My purpose in poetry is to lightly, sensitivly but sometimes boldly set mankind back on path to see our virtures. Before New Year and shortly thereafter I refurbished my earlier, very philisophical poems. I am now, thanks to your interest, very happy with my production. Thanks a lot for your terrific and very apt writing. I hope there are no mistakers here. I can't even read it all. Greetings, Paul

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