I Am Me Poem by Randy McClave

I Am Me

I might not be as smart as you
I might have a much lower I.Q,
In reasoning and thoughts, I might have not a clue
But, I know what I can do.

I might not be as tall as you are
I might be heavier and look quiet bizarre,
Or I might be a hoping one day looking like a rock star
Or even someday, in a person's memoir.

I might not have or want a friend
My attitude and my actions might always offend,
Being someone else I might sometimes pretend
To rules I might accept, or even bend.

I might not always accept and agree
But, unto honesty I am a pure devotee,
I might always enjoy to argue and disagree
But, I will not lie or cheat, or be ashamed of anybody.

I might enjoy drinking juice instead of coke
I might rather chew gum than to smoke,
Maybe I am allergic to ivy and even oak
Maybe I enjoy eating an artichoke.

I might not like to worry or fuss
I might not like to show my lack of a vocabulary and cuss,
Maybe I ride on the short school bus
Maybe I think someone being special is a plus.

I might have a tattoo one, two, three and maybe four
Maybe I desire to have many, many more,
And maybe I don't have or want a tattoo at all
That of course is my call.

I might not read the Bible or know of Abraham
But, I know that I am God's precious lamb,
And how I am seen or known I don't really give a damn
Because God made me who I am.

Randy L. McClave

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: me,myself
Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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