I Am Satan Poem by Luke Easter

I Am Satan

I used to live in the kingdom,
Had the best of everything,
Anything and whatever I needed,
A snap of my fingers would bring.

Although I wasn’t the number one guy,
For sure I was definitely number three,
Only God the Creator & His Son Jesus,
Were ranked slightly ahead of me.

Wait a minute, what is this, and I don’t understand?
God, why would You create a creature called man?
Just what is that from his rib you have made?
I thought the two of us were on the same page?

Well, I simply refuse to be pushed back to number five,
Let’s see how long in the garden they can stay alive,
Who said the apple you are not allowed to eat?
So red, so ripe, so juicy and most of all it’s sweet.

There, I have got you, now my Lord should see,
He never should have created two to take the place of me,
Expecting you to be faithful, I’ve showed God how you’re weak,
Hopefully there’ll be no more talk of companions God will seek.

I am the great one known as Satan,
How dare God try to replace me?
I even have my own legion of angels,
I will bet I am just as powerful as He.

Hey, just what do think you are doing?
This simply cannot be done to me,
How dare you banish the angels,
Who practice and believe in my philosophy.

This is the beginning and certainly not the end,
You’ll regret the day I stopped being Your friend,
I will wreak havoc, hate, murder & jealousy to all men,
And woe be to Your Son Jesus if I ever see Him again.

Of course we can only imagine exactly what went on,
So whatever happened or however it went wrong,
This scenario is played out in many a play and song,
Certainly we will soon find out because it won’t be long.

Hell was originally designed to fit the devil and his crew,
Then God had to expand it and included mankind too,
Satan is good at filling our minds with unscrupulous doubt,
Continue to Praise God & confess Jesus with your mouth.

Luke Easter

Luke Easter

Cleveland, Ohio
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