I Am You And You Are Me Poem by David Lacey

I Am You And You Are Me

We are as free as free can be
A construct of mentality
And if I can be you
And you can be me
We could walk a grand eternity.

Would you agree?

Yesterday's forgetting and tomorrows in the way
We are at odds with ourselves, chaos enthralling.
Order and reason long lost callings.
Join the big river harp in singing
Join the slide into blues and more
Each door a world revealing
Each solemn chord is somehow pleasing
As I cast myself from the shadows of my mind.

All is mine the world’s remembrance
Oblivion beckons in the corner of our eyes
No time for sinking now!
Our ship still fit to sail
Let us cast alongside the west wind
At the mercy of our shipmates
At the mercy of our captains sanity.
What if we're to mutiny?
A vessel of vagabonds, the great unwashed.
I fear our lungs more blackened than our feet.
Here to raise a flag our own, crimson ivy crawling.
And from the skin of tarmac serpent my feet have scaled
Never to try and therefore never to fail.

Let us rummage our pockets once more
Let us find a new door into a world evolving
Hope in hopelessness. Free of restlessness.
Free from the world revolving.

I know what I am. At least I think I do.
I believe that you are me
I believe that I am you
I guess I am just filling space.
I think I am alone
I feel at home in life
The universe experiencing itself.

Abhishek Bethi 13 October 2011

A bit typical one! ! ! ! ! ! Of course great vocabulary and profound imagination

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