I Can Tell Poem by Darlene Walsh

I Can Tell

Rating: 2.8

I look into your eyes
and I can tell
by the sparkle
by the little creases on the sides

Are you happy
Are you mad
Are you sad
Are you in love with me

What's in your heart
What's in your mind
What's in your soul
What is the truth inside of you

I touch your lips
and yours touch mine
and I can tell
the passion that you feel for me

What moves you
What fills you
What brings you joy
And you and I become a we

I feel the touch of your hands
and the current runs up my spine
and I can tell
there is no place I would rather be

But it is in your eyes
that I can truly tell
all that you feel
for all that is me

Eyes are the windows
to the deepest part
Your eyes hide no secrets
Through them I see that you are mine

Saturday, May 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Bri Edwards 11 May 2015

me me we be me. i like. and mine/spine. nothing running DOWN your spine? he must not be doing it quite right. bri :)

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Mazhari David 26 May 2014

Lucky Darlene... I hope that love will never turn its ugly and desperate face on you, put its sullen eyes into yours even for poetry's sake* *

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 19 May 2014

Hello poet Darleen, a beautiful and powerful piece, well done. Loyd

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Yu-ying Lee 17 May 2014

A great poem. Very lovely.

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