I Continue To Dream Poem by Langston Hughes

I Continue To Dream

Rating: 2.9

I take my dreams and make of them a bronze vase
and a round fountain with a beautiful statue in its center.
And a song with a broken heart and I ask you:
Do you understand my dreams?
Sometimes you say you do,
And sometimes you say you don't.
Either way it doesn't matter.
I continue to dream.

Segun Johnson Ozique 02 February 2013

No broken dream is well and good...so long as the vase kept safe. No fulfilled dream, is frustrating, but stays one's dream...thank you, Langston.

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pendarvis harshaw 22 September 2015


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David 02 February 2020

hello i am very intrigu3ed by this intresting poem

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Gayvid 02 February 2020

me too! ! very intriguing!

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I Roasted Ur MOM 23 March 2020

I Would Roast Your Mom But Cows Are Sacred In This Country

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Langston Hughes 02 February 2020

Thanks David for your kind words

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Jason 02 February 2020

I like this poem so good

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Langston Hughes 02 February 2020

Thank you David for your kind words

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Hangston Lughes 02 February 2020

i wrote the poem

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Oak Soe 02 February 2020

This is a very nice poem and it enlightened me to see the truth

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