*** *** *** I Could Say Goodbye Tonight. Poem by Shelley L Baxter

*** *** *** I Could Say Goodbye Tonight.

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Its Goodbye for awhile,
...but not forever my friends.
I will still think of you...and
one day we'll start again.

I just cannot be around
as I have so much to do.
Life is passing me by
so for now we are through.

We may not agree but...
for me, thats alright,
as long as its not forever,
I can say goodbye tonight.

Freedom and purpose
are calling my name...
Just wasting time now,
gives me too much pain.

So tomorrow when you read
that I have stood up to fight!
Pray for me if you will but...
just know I'll be Alright.

Written May 2008.

James B. Earley 03 May 2008

There is an immediate poignancy in your message. 'No man is an island' my friend. We are a community here..we care! Be well.

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Ernestine Northover 03 May 2008

Hey Shelley, are you leaving us then, don't say you are! I'm always sad when one of us disappears into the blue yonder. Hope all is well and if you are leaving then I hope its for a good reason, happy not sad. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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