** Seasons Change. Poem by Shelley L Baxter

** Seasons Change.

Rating: 2.8

On a lazy Sunday afternoon,
the sun shone so brightly...
appearing like a large blazing
iridescent quarter.

Hovering over the quiet city,
the glowing sphere gave so much,
life to the dull muted blue sky,
so much warmth-and promise!

To the old woman whose body
earlier had been aching...
and whose mind was sluggish...
this was just what she needed.

The sun and the feeling that summer
was arriving soon whisked away
the memory of her 'Winter' days,
suspended in mid-air-it gave her Joy!

While Glistening into the windows
of her tired and weary soul...
she stood up in one brisk move
on the rickety weathered balconey.

Although Her perennials had not yet
surfaced, Myra began removing foliage
from her cracked chipped window box...
all while smiling and singing happily.

Taking it all in...breathing deeply,
yet softly, the old woman realized,
she had made it through again,
another year passed-without her late friend.

Written on February 28th 2008.

Barbara Terry 16 October 2008

Hi Shelley, I loved reading this. The images are bright and warm, as the sun rose to give this woman another day of life. And I agree too. We all need to see that big yellow sphere, and know that everything is well in the world. Now if they would only do something about that hole in the ozone. you get a 10 from me. Hugs, Barbara

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Dr.subhendu Kar 01 March 2008

heart when ingrained with joy and care love seems to flow by the attic window as when muffled by the mute hands of dream yet sweetness drops in redolence of yet in addiction.................unique write, i like it,10+, thanks for sharing

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