I Don'T Wanta Poem by Shirley Hanley

I Don'T Wanta

Rating: 4.0

I’ve got a bad case of the I don’t wanta’s
For six years it’s clung to me
Like an unwanted friend...

Full of misery and decay
Yet strangely comforting
It holds me captive
Here in my place of do nothingism...

Tomorrow holds a high place
On my list of things hoped for...

Tomorrow I’ll sweep that floor
Or read that book
Tomorrow I’ll take that walk...

Start that diet
Clean out that closet
Call an old friend...

Tomorrow I’ll sweep that porch
Take down those cobwebs
From their purchased corners throughout the house...

Tomorrow I’ll discard the clutter that holds me captive
In this place of being overwhelmed...

But as they say...

Tomorrow never comes it seems
When you’ve got a bad case of the I don’t wanta’s...

Angel OfGod 24 October 2009

I feel you Shirley...they have a pill for that too. I know I'm on enough of them. Well written too.

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Adeline Foster 13 October 2009

Shirley: I love it, I love it. You must have looked into my life since the Kids grew up. It's only me and, 'I don't wanta' either. Goes into my favorites. Adeline

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