. Silent Scream Poem by Shirley Hanley

. Silent Scream

Rating: 3.0

I'm screaming inside...

a silent scream only I can hear.
It's echo bounces off the walls of my mind.

Down the halls of my psyche it careens,
displaying all the forlorn colors of darkness
as it searchs... for my soul.

With outstretched tentacles
it tugs at my being,
drawing me to
it's empty places.

You know...
those places you go
when you are sad
and feeling like the only
grain of sand left on the beach.


Vipins Puthooran 07 January 2012

very emotional! ! really a great poem! !

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Ron Flowers 18 February 2010

Very well done, Shirley. Ron

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Emma Kessler 27 January 2010

I know what you're talking about, a scream only I can hear, in my heart. It's a very visual and emotional poem. Wonderful!

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Jesurobo-owie Gift Imafidon 21 December 2009

Very emotion, i have been there too.A scream that I alone can hear.I know what you are talking about.nice work!

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John Shea 17 December 2009

In a silent place Feeling empty and sad I got an e mail from shirley. A grain of sand on the beach Now out of my reach made me sad But the reminder she gave me Gave me forgiveness. For now I walk the lonely shores of the delaware Come spring, summer, winter or fall My best friend is awaiting in life, s hall. Hushpup.

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