Shirley Hanley Poems

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. Silent Scream

I'm screaming inside...

a silent scream only I can hear.
It's echo bounces off the walls of my mind.

Gift Or Burdon? Obama's Prize

What a world we live in...
the head of the free world
receives the high honor
of the Nobel Peace Prize

Dark, Dark, Dark

Uneasy darkness envelopes me.

Blinding moments
of mood disorient

Another Depression

Oh my God the pain
of desperation
within the walls
of my depression...


We came to this place riding on a sleigh made of our choices
We brought our children along for the ride
The world in which we exist was formed by those choices

A Prayer For Mercy

Oh Lord have mercy
Hold me close...
Embrace my soul
With your Agape love...

Conversations With Myself

What is it they say
when you tell people
you talk to yourself?

The Page Cannot Be Displayed...

Just sailing along on PoemHunter
enjoying the ride of words penned,
only to be rudely interrupted
all too often with...

Getting Old

Count on yourself
As long as you're able
For when you count on others
You must wait on them

A Question Of Beauty

A question of beauty,
to be or not to be?

I swam in those

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