I Hate To See You Cry. Poem by Kevin Hulme

I Hate To See You Cry.

Amongst the broken China and Glass, The result of minds now so opposed. Are remnants shown of a Marriage lost, Those vows once said their lies exposed. To soon the tears did break when dried, Fresh anger was cast on your innocent head. Your Heart is crushed by his caustic words, The purest Soul broke by the hurt that was said. You wait through the night for his Morning return,
Like an afterthought her scent is intruding and vile. For his words are soaked from a bottle or two, A face set in flame and a tongue spitting bile. And will the morning see your face cast down, Adorned in makeup for those secrets they hide. Those aching bones that will never speak words, No friends will you, to your pain confide. And does he treat her just the same, The other stray, a Jezebel made. And talk in words of Silk and Charm, Before her favours tire and fade? For I hate to see you cry my love, With all the pain your going through. As I stand in the shadows, my torment now plain, Could I ever declare my Heart is for you. To take you away to a better life, For you we'd cross this World unbound. To see you smile, the untouched laugh, Together away with your freedom found.

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