Idle Gods Poem by Ramesh Adwant

Idle Gods

Rating: 4.5

Gods sit idly on the platform
on which they were stationed
No one in my family looks at them
They are there for the elders,
who want the idols worshipped.
We both, my wife and I
have not believed in idol worship
or even prayers at that.
To my wife, the thought of God
rarely touches and I dwell
and ponder on often. I do pray
But my heart, I am not sure
is in prayers or where else! !
My son burns incense after bath
I am not sure he truly prays.
My daughter, small and naughty,
has never been taught to pray
or even seen anyone praying.
Does it really matter or doesn't it?
If I speak to my wife about it-
of religion, Culture, Spiritual needs,
she ignores. You are my living God
And our house is my temple.
My children, I'll not force to pray
but teach them to love and be true.
My heart is not in rituals and
customs so silly, I love to abhor
Let me be true to myself. Aren't
you happy with my devotion to you,
and the kids and their well-being.
Let the gods watch us and decide
Heaven, hell or moksha, who cares! !

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 15 June 2010

‘You are my living God/And our house is my temple.’…Sages of India [Vedic] stipulated four types Ashrama and one of them is Samshar Ashrama [doing properly duties of/to family ….indeed so if one achieves in doing it with the spirit of Pooja [devotion] what else is required? Father Mother are real God and other family members are the reflection of God… No where in scripture it is mentioned to neglect family chores…you’ve mentioned in your poetry exactly the same and aptly …thanks Sir Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10PS One who does his duty earnestly he gets moksha [read Joy] n

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