I Have Seen Autumn Poem by Shogunoka Ledesma III

I Have Seen Autumn

Rating: 3.8

I have never felt the chill of winter
Nor the birth of spring
Only the two faces of Nature
The golden sun shining
Or the heavens openly weeping.

But I have seen autumn
As I looked at her
No cold winter in her smile
A promise of summer in her eyes
Her hair of autumn leaves.

I have never felt autumn
But I have seen it
It’s the canvass of Rembrandt
Dark, red, crimson, gold
But I have never felt it.

Is the autumn breeze damp and soft like her lips?
Is the autumn sky naked and warm like her skin?
But I have never kissed her lips nor touched her skin
I have only seen autumn
But I have never felt it.

Sonya Florentino 01 October 2009

i like your Autumn poem too.... if a woman had to be just one season, yes, i think she would be autumn.....

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Cynthia Aluning 17 February 2006

Good imagery touching on four seasons, and knowing we're both living in the Philipines, no snow in colder months. Although in some areas like Baguio, there could be spring and fall...still we missed what's it like wintertime. We only have sunny and rainy seasons as what you mentioned on early part of this poem. And about the theme...its another sad story of unspoken love at the height of too much expectations as shown on ur other poems (why only 4, ur a great poet) Sometimes it feels nicer to wonder...left day-dreaming than face the sad reality of a frustrated love. Another good write kabayan! Iba talaga ang pinoy... Hope for more penning. U write with passion and wit and that deserves more to touch on other elements other than a frustrated love. But in fairness, such desperation paved way to inspiring a good poetry write. --cynthia

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