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A SUDDEN TURN (original version)

a fish darts forward

Meet me by the river tonight
Just you and me under the pale moonlight
I promise you I won’t be afraid
of the dark

Give a child a stick
Watch her create magic, there!
in front of your eyes

I thought I saw a glimpse of her
As she zoomed around the bend
I swear I saw her wink and smile
But I could be mistaken

I could have moved him

If he could hear how loud

The drawing came back
Like a second line of a poem
My throat grew tight, chills
ran down my spine

The air is thick with silence
The emptiness deafens
My mouth gasps open
but echoes nothingness

Why must it be like slivers, like crumbs
Why can't I hold anything in my hands
Why does it feel like accidents, like chance
Why must everything slip away like sand

She’s larger-than-life
She’s bolder
She takes more risks
She’s wilder

Oh my god
Why am I doing this
Writing poetry
And giving away

He touched her when he shouldn’t have
Made her feel so very bad
He touched her and made her keep
A dirty secret

Sometimes you strike the right chord

Sometimes you get the nuance

Because of you
I can find my way through the darkness
And know enough to follow the sound
That will lead me to a safer place

Behold me now
Before I vanish like a cloud
And fade into shadows of oblivion

He was born
He lived
He suffered to write
He died

I want to kiss those hands

Those big strong hands

He chooses his words with a careful hand

He shifts them slowly from palm to palm

Like onion skin

My skin

They still are leaves
They are brown leaves
Still hanging from a tree

She wears her hair up high
like a dancer
Could she be one?
Her neck long and lovely

Sonya Florentino Biography

I write poems, I've also written a couple of songs, I write mainly as a form of therapy, in order to understand myself, and hopefully life. Writing poems came to me late (but never too late!) I hardly read poems before (found them intimidating) but I'm slowly learning to love reading and writing poems. My first love is music but poetry is becoming a close second... Note: I've put an exclamation point (!) in front of my personal favorites. You can start with those if you wish.. some of those titles are: A Gentleman Poet A Sudden Rain Ode To The Worm Like Onion Cradle Aerenfyrre Home)

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# # A Sudden Turn (With Haiku Version - My Very First!)

A SUDDEN TURN (original version)

a fish darts forward

as water lilies re-arrange in the water

centered, in the moment

til it once again flits by

or a bird swoops down as suddenly

from the sky

© 2009 Sonya Florentino

A SUDDEN TURN (Haiku version)

a fish darts forward

water lilies re-arrange

space in the water

moment unbroken

til fish again flits by, or

bird swoops down from high

© 2009 Sonya Florentino

Sonya Florentino Comments

Patti Masterman 06 December 2009

Sonya is one of the most amazing writers I've ever met across time. She holds her own; past, present and future. She writes timelessly, about subtle things that one might never notice, if not for her busy pen. You should attempt to read everything she has written here; because you won't find this much brilliance and honesty available in very many places today. And once you start to read her, you can never stop again; that is the spell and the special magic of Sonya. If reading the poems of anybody could make you a better writer yourself; it would have to be these poems of Sonya as much as anyone's; she can hold her own no matter the era or subject matter. As a human being she is that rare honest sort, that what you see is just what you get, and she never fails to amaze with deep insight, both as a writer and as a friend. But don't take my word on all this; much better to find out for yourself. (smile)

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Jasper Pane 27 July 2009

Florentino...probably not Irish. However probably a person that is a truly expressive and really good writer. I so much enjoyed you body of work.

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