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I Have Seen Autumn

I have never felt the chill of winter
Nor the birth of spring
Only the two faces of Nature
The golden sun shining

Murder At Six

The day is dying
Its bright blood smeared
On the azure blanket
See its light blinding no more

Autum Dance

Whirlwind of autumn leaves,
Gently they dance around,
The tune of her timid footsteps.


You are the flame
Of this dying ember
Fueled by your warmth I breathe
On that cold July night.

Come Lie With Me

Come rest your head upon me
With the day’s burdens and tiresome chores
Let me share the weight on my shoulders
And feel your hair on my chest

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I've been a member of this site for several years. I love to write poetry although I never take my poems seriously. Recently, some of my poems were posted in other sites and blogs. I don't really mind if other people use my poems. In fact I find it flattering. But my online pen name was used instead of my real name.

I am Oscar Gador, III of the ...

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