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I've been a member of this site for several years. I love to write poetry although I never take my poems seriously. Recently, some of my poems were posted in other sites and blogs. I don't really mind if other people use my poems. In fact I find it flattering. But my online pen name was used instead of my real name.

I am Oscar Gador, III of the ...

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I Have Seen Autumn

I have never felt the chill of winter
Nor the birth of spring
Only the two faces of Nature
The golden sun shining
Or the heavens openly weeping.

But I have seen autumn
As I looked at her
No cold winter in her smile
A promise of summer in her eyes
Her hair of autumn leaves.

I have never felt autumn
But I have seen it
It’s the canvass of Rembrandt
Dark, red, crimson, gold
But I have never felt it.

Is the autumn breeze damp and soft like her lips?
Is the autumn sky naked and warm like her skin?
But I have never kissed her lips nor touched her skin
I have only seen autumn
But I have never felt it.

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Shogunoka Ledesma III Popularity

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