I'Ll Adorn Myself Poem by Piyush Dey

I'Ll Adorn Myself

Gusts of wind got upset with
the weather today,
As the bumblebees looted the
brilliance of flowers
today the way of life has
changed a little bit,
Taking that as an excuse,
why I too not make my heart
feel better,
Why shouldn't I too pamper
my heart..

The verandas are old,
but the sunshine I see is new..
Whose beauty is that is
knocking at my eyelids..
The one, who makes mischieves,
forgetting the veils,
How do I call her by name?

All these cuckoos have
become postmen,
In their cuckooing,
they read the letters in jokes..
Tell them not to hide,
and tell me clearly who has
I'll remove the effect of
evil eye for him..
I'll adorn myself, and my heart..

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Daniel Brick 19 August 2014

THE BEES LOOT THE BRILLIANCE OF FLOWERS and THE VERANDAS ARE OLD BUT THE SUNSHINE I SEE IS NEW- these are just two of your wonderfully poetic ways of compensating for disappointments. You don't deny there are disappointments (your mind won't let you) . You don't try to cover-up the losses (your heart would rebel) . Instead you use your gifts as a poet to create a NEW and FRESH point of view that is- what can I say? - delightful!

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