Little Hesitance, Little Sorrow Poem by Piyush Dey

Little Hesitance, Little Sorrow

Rating: 4.5

One last time she had asked me
when i had to depart,
'Will you come back again, will you? '
And i hesitated, i must say,
I had waited too long for her
eyes to well up with tears,
And at last, I said, 'I will....
my love', fear wrote on my voice,
'I will, young lady, i will'.
She didn't answer but ran away,
damp pearls adorned fer face, she
went into the far dark woods, into
the deepest canopies, into the
green old mountains,
Ah! How long i had waited for
her to come back, how long
I had cried that moonless night,
Oh God, Oh Father! why didn't you
come then with your caring arms?
why didn't she come back?
'Oh love, Oh lady! I shall come back
when i am gone, I promise you,
my little piece of heart, come back',
I went crying into the woods, but
she had already went into the
younger hills, into the snows,
into the glaciers, into the
deepest seas, I went crying into
the woods, 'Come back, my darling,
my love, my heart', Though-
I knew i had feared if i would
ever come back,
I had feared that she may alone
die, that i might never come back,
And now still, to my sorrow,
'Come back, my love', crying
I move through the cliffs, the
youngest cliffs through her
footsteps, I follow her shadow, but
she is nowhere, I keep walking,
I find her not, oh god! Where has
She gone? Is she so hurt that she
Wouldn't come back? Or-
Is she giving me the punishment
For being so hesitant?
For taking it too long to utter?
Oh God, O Father! tell me, tell me,
Where has she gone? Won't she
Come back? . But-
Only silence. The moonlight on
my face. She has vanished into
the stars.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Amitava Sur 08 December 2014

Though very poignant write up of lost love what the lover intends to get it back with his intense emotion and desire, a beautiful expression... very nice

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 07 December 2014

internal feelings and music heard, ended with dreamy words that's the reason I say earth is dream land we see the stars and dream because we want our dreams to be fulfilled thank you

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Valsa George 06 December 2014

The lover feels that a part of his soul is missing.....! He is on a relentless search for his missing self...! Though he is disheartened, still he has hope lingering and is ready to go to the end of the world in search of her! A very passionate write! Enjoyed!

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 05 December 2014

Nice moving poem scripted beautifully with poignant words......amazing write......10/10

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