Piyush Dey Poems

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The Shadow In My Garden

the daisies of my morning garden,
and the golden leaves of grass that
dance untouched when the wind fills

Let Me, For Once, Move Alone

The day has bloomed as it had
promised last night,
A little hope and a little malice
has it brought with it upon it's shoulders,

If I'D Only Known,

That this is the last time we've met,
I would have stopped the break of dawn,
And stopped the sun to set.

If i'd only known,

If I Believe

Two pieces of bread and a
glass of water,
i think that enough to quench my
hunger, and in this winter,


It is nothing else,
But mistakes that make us learn
a beautiful ballad of life,

Dear Life! I'M Not Mad At You

Dear Life! I'm not mad at you,
just a little weary...
Stumped by the seemingly innocent
questions you keep throwing at me

Little Hesitance, Little Sorrow

One last time she had asked me
when i had to depart,
'Will you come back again, will you? '
And i hesitated, i must say,

The Colourless Paths And A Colourful You

Don't cry, my dear friend, don't
lament for the things done long ago,
I am here with you as just as a
little acquaintance, as just but for

Father And Son

I am your laughter and you are my heart,
I am your pain and you are my grief,
I am your tears and you are my fears,
I am your blood and you are my existence,

A Secret

Some words that are entangled in
my heart,
that keep peering through my eyes,
sometimes hastily and sometimes

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